Dad screamed for help and was left stunned ‘when he realized what his wife put in the washer’!

As we all know by now, life is busy, especially for new parents and families. As busy parents, you spend plenty of with your children, however it is truly quality time. Quality time is time with your children and giving them your undivided attention doing tasks that they like to do. Parents need to be extra vigilant when their children are at home. With so much time indoors, it’s essential that parents keep a close eye on their kids to prevent any accidents or dangerous situations. However, one dad got the surprise of his life when he saw his baby’s face in the washing machine!

The father, who wished to remain anonymous, was recently going about his daily laundry routine when he was left stunned and screamed for help. Upon looking into the washing machine, which was actively running at the time, he saw his baby’s smiley face staring back at him from inside. Terrified and fearing for the infant’s safety, he immediately took action. Fortunately, the baby was not really in the washer.

Instead, mom had put a t-shirt into the machine that had the baby’s face printed on it. Thank goodness! Dad breathed a sigh of relief when he realized his child wasn’t actually in there. Although it took him some time for his pounding heart to relax and return to normal. While the worried father was in the laundry room, he saw something that alarmed him and quickly took a picture to show people on his social media account. He wasn’t sure if they would believe him, but upon further inspection, it appears as though there is indeed a baby inside the washing machine. 

“Please, if you are ever washing your favorite shirt with a picture of your child on it, just put a warning note on the washer or something..” The picture has been extremely popular with dozens of comments from people all over. People have had a lot to say about it, but these reactions stood out! Experts said that parents and pet owners should be very careful that their kids or pets are not in the washing machine or dryer before starting a load.

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