Woman claims she ‘came face to face with God while in a coma’, says God’s reply made her realize this!

During an interview, the 52-year-old woman, Penny, became seriously ill and was having difficulty swallowing and breathing before being rushed to hospital by her son. The hospital staff feared the worst when she struggled to breathe in oxygen at the hospital. During this moment, Penny claims her soul left her body before revealing itself to her and saying: “Time here on Earth is so structured, and time there really gets away from you.”

She claims that after suffering an allergic reaction from eating shellfish, she saw a bright light before being told telepathically by her grandmother’s spirit to remain calm. When she awoke from her coma, Dr. Wittbrodt says that she was immediately healed. “We’re meant to move forward, meet challenges, and share kindness,” she said. The retired nurse explained that the experience was a sign from God and assured her that she would be rewarded in the afterlife for enduring such difficult times.

The woman also said that she asked God to allow her to remember the surreal experience before she was brought back to life, saying she would feel hopeless if she was to return without the memory. Penny also claimed she was immediately healed when she woke up from her coma. “We’re meant to move forward, meet challenges, and share kindness,” she said. It was then that she had a religious experience, saying she came face to face with God where she angrily spoke of the hardships and sorrow she and her family had faced in their life.

After regaining consciousness, Penny said the biggest lesson she learned was that earthly comforts don’t hold the same value in the afterlife. It’s the hardships and struggles that bear fruit. Since her fateful experience, she has gone on a spiritual journey and says she has strengthened her relationship with God. During an interview with The Daily Star, she says that each individual gets a chance to choose their family and what life lessons they want to learn before they come into this world.

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