Common ‘household item is the reason this poor child has had 65 surgeries’!

Unfortunately, this boy’s medical journey has dominated his entire life. According to his parents, this was all because of a basic household item that you could also find in your home. A single error that nearly cost him his life, health officials said. One day, the happy and healthy infant, Emet, started to fall ill. His parents observed that it began with a fever and hacking. His parents decided to take him to the hospital after noting that he got a high temperature and lethargy. They also noticed that whenever he attempted to eat, he cried uncontrollably. His parents were unaware at the time that he was sick. The doctors rushed him to have an X-ray as the newborn coughed up blood.

The little boy was just 1-year-old when he consumed a nickel-sized, lithium battery from a remote. The battery scorched his esophagus and obstructed his breathing. After 65 operations, the child is currently playing soccer on the field. Doctors who never gave up on him helped him progress throughout these years. His mother, Karla reportedly said: “They took an X-ray and when the radiologist came out, he said it was a button battery. He could even read the battery’s serial number. Emetwas rushed by ambulance to the children’s hospital. I remember running as I signed the consent form.”

The battery in this child’s remote control was burned into his esophagus, lodging there. As a result of the battery’s impact, Emet could no longer breathe on his own. He will also be unable to speak since his vocal cords have been damaged. All of his voice capabilities have been lost as well, and he won’t be able to talk. Because of his damage, he is fed via a tube because swallowing will be difficult due to the loss of function. His chances of remaining active and healthy are slight. Karla went on to explain that for the next eight months, Emet was confined to the ICU at the hospital, “Emet lived in the ICU for eight months, and there were times when we thought he would pass away. It was very humbling to watch him because he has this fighting spirit. He stole the hearts of all the nurses and doctors with his beautiful smile.”

Even after undergoing 65 operations in five years, he has survived. The esophagus was reconstructed using part of his colon and re-opened his stifled vocal cords by surgeons. Emet’s battle to live changed his mother’s life forever. button, coin, and cell batteries have become her mission to raise awareness about the perils of these types of batteries. Every year, more than 3,500 youngsters are taken to hospital as a result of similar circumstances, and 15 children have died in the previous six years after ingesting the small objects.

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