6-year-old boy died of rare disease, days later ‘parents found message he left them’!

Few things compare to the pain of losing someone you love. While there’s no way to avoid intense feelings of grief, there are healthier ways to come to terms with your loss. Whether it’s a close friend, spouse, partner, parent, child, or other relative, the death of a loved one can feel overwhelming. You may experience waves of intense and very difficult emotions, ranging from profound sadness, emptiness, and despair to shock, numbness, guilt, or regret. The parents of 6-year-old Leland, who died of a rare brain infection, were returning home from the hospital when they discovered something their son had left them.

Leland was only six years old when he died, a few weeks after being diagnosed with Balamuthia Mandrillaris. This is a free-living amoeba that has been linked to lethal brain diseases known as granulomatous amoebic encephalitis. It was first discovered in the brains of monkeys. When his parents returned home without their son for the first time since he went missing, they found a note that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. While mother Amber was in Leland’s room to prepare for the burial, her husband’s father ran into him reading a note on the living-room sofa where Leland usually liked to draw.

When he read the note, he immediately began sobbing. He dashed to his wife to show her what he’d found. Leland’s final letter reads:: “Still with you. Thank you, mom and dad. Love mom and dad.” Amber stated, “To say I lost it was an understatement. We cried together for the longest time.” According to Leland’s parents, he loved writing notes and photos for them, but this one was different. It was going to be the most cherished of all. The family decided to frame Leland’s note and hang it in their living room as a reminder that Leland is still with them in spirit. Amber described Leland as a bright and inquisitive kid in her Facebook post.

Leland’s parents tell us that he adored writing notes and photos for them, but this one is different. It was going to be the most loved of them all. The family decided to frame Leland’s note and hang it in their home to remind them of Leland’s presence. Amber revealed on her Facebook post that Leland was a bright boy who was very inquisitive.  Leland was also a people person. He engaged with everyone he encountered and his amiable disposition aided his parents in making new friends. Leland was just a lovely youngster who was swiftly removed from them. Leland’s note for his mother and father was exquisite, and it’s something everyone should see. His family’s tragedy has been devastating, but towards the end, he was able to comfort them a little by assuring them that he would always be there for them. Dear readers, we are republishing this story to raise awareness about Balamuthia Mandrillaris.

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