17-year-old who sold his kidney for iPhone ‘couldn’t have predicted the terrible outcome’!

Whether it’s the latest iPhone or a next-generation smart speaker, many people can’t resist splurging when a new gadget is launched. But, on the other hand, most individuals will do everything possible to survive, especially when dealing with health issues. Many will pay a willing seller for their organs, kidneys, part of the liver, and so on. The then-17-year-old teen, Wang, reportedly sold one of his kidneys to buy the latest iPad and iPhone. The boy was so desperate for Apple’s flagship devices, he decided to sell his kidney on the black market. He received around $3,200 USD and purchased a iPhone and iPad with the funds.

Wang reportedly said, “Why do I need a second kidney? One is enough.” What followed was undoubtedly something that he had not anticipated. Nearly 10 years later, he must use a dialysis machine. After suffering renal failure, he is likely to be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. After selling his kidney to raise money for an iPad, he stated his desire for one during an interview. He did not, however, have the cash available to purchase one.

He was contacted by an online organ harvester and talked about selling his kidneys at the time. He said, “When I was on the Internet, I had a kidney agent send a message, saying that selling a kidney can give me 20,000 [yuan]. ” His right kidney was removed against his will by an unlicensed doctor. After returning home with an iPad and iPhone, his mother became suspicious. He was then forced to disclose what he had done due to pressure from his family. Nine people who took part in the surgery have been detained. Five of them have already been charged with intentional injury and organ trafficking-related activities.

Wand began to experience significant kidney discomfort, a year after the surgery. They think that the unsanitary site and surgery procedure caused his left kidney removed due to an infection a few months later. He also didn’t receive adequate care following the operation, which is a probable reason for the illness. He is not confined to his bed. However, since a new kidney was unable to remove the toxins from his blood that remained in his former non-functioning kidney, he must lie in bed and receive daily dialysis. His physicians advised him that he might have a transplant of his own if one of his kidneys were removed, according to The Mirror.

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