Devastated family loses another son due to gun violence

Louisville, KY- Terry Christopher Jones Jr. is another victim of Louisville gun violence as he was shot on Saturday night.

He was found dead in the 3500 block of Olive Road in the Okolona neighborhood, according to the Louisville police.

The victim was taken to the University of Louisville Hospital where he passed away.

“I’m not telling you when he was 15, he wasn’t acting up. But he is 20 … he changed his life,” Carol Jones said.

She grieves that she couldn’t be there, as she had to take her 16-year-old daughter Destiny, a Central High School student, to an away basketball game.

“All of my brothers, you know, they got their good and their bad, but he stayed out of the way and did what he needed to do,” said the brokenhearted Destiny.

As Louisville became unsafe, Carol Jones planned to leave with her family in May, but the bullet got to her son Terry faster.

Terry had 10 siblings and they suffered another loss in 2014 when another member was murdered.

“I’ve seen Terry almost every day,” said his older sister, Alexus Leslie. “I don’t know why y’all did this to my brother.”


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