LMPD intensifying efforts against vehicle thefts with the aid of their Air20 helicopter

Louisville, KY – According to the police officials, in response to a recent surge in vehicle thefts and break-ins, LMPD has deployed its Air20 helicopter to aid in apprehending suspected thieves. The initiative aims to curb crimes of opportunity targeting vehicles left unlocked in neighborhoods.

“We have a powerful tool in our tool bag with our helicopter,” stated a spokesperson for the Louisville police department. “These thieves operate with a straightforward strategy: load up in a car, drive to a quiet neighborhood, and test door handles. It’s that simple.”

The department urged residents to secure their vehicles overnight and remove valuables to deter such crimes. Their efforts yielded results on June 12th when six individuals, including five adults and one juvenile, were apprehended. The announcement was made via the department’s social media channels, accompanied by footage captured by Air20 during the operation.

The video shows Air20 tracking a stolen Toyota Highlander occupied by eight suspected thieves in the far East End of Louisville. Despite reaching speeds of up to 110 MPH along Shelbyville Road, the vehicle was kept in sight as Air20 coordinated with ground units. The pursuit ended with suspects abandoning the vehicle and fleeing on foot.

“We will continue utilizing Air20 on a nightly basis to combat crime,” affirmed the spokesperson. “It’s hard to outrun a helicopter and a radio.”

The Louisville police department remains committed to leveraging Air20’s capabilities to enhance public safety and reduce criminal activity across the city.

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