Mother gets followed into chicken coop by many men day after day, police finally discover why!

Per reports, the 27-year-old mom, later identified as Sarah B., was charged with child neglect causing bodily harm, second-degree recklessly endangering safety and other charges. When interviewed by investigators, the mother reportedly admitted to the charges, which she said occurred in a modified chicken coop. None of her children are over the age of 10. According to lab results, one of her children had been exposed to cocaine, amphetamines and methamphetamine. The kids have since been removed from her home.

She has been accused of neglecting her six children while she prostituted herself to several men inside of a chicken coop. Investigators were reportedly tipped off by an undercover officer who contacted the mother in response to a pro-titution ad she allegedly posted on an online website. After confirming her identity, they learned that the mother had reportedly been neglecting her children in order to perform s-x acts for money, which led to the acquisition of a search warrant.

Family members told investigators that the mother moved from another state and had been pro-tituting herself at night while her children slept. A relative told police that the mother would perform s-x acts when everyone was sleeping and that the next day she would sleep during the day and would all of a sudden have money which came from her activities through the website, according to a police report.

The police report noted that Bradehoft revealed she began prostituting herself because she “simply needed money.” Dear readers, we are republishing this story in light of recent reports that show child abuse has significantly increased during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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