13-year-old girl gave birth to baby and says her 10-year-old boyfriend is the father!

Per reports, the 13-year-old girl has given birth to her daughter and says the father is her 10-year-old boyfriend. Darya told her followers on social media that she went through a tough delivery when she gave birth at a private clinic. The student hasn’t posted a photo of her daughter, who measured 21 inches and weighed in at 8lbs, after doctors told her to rest. “That’s it, I gave birth to a girl at 10 am,” she wrote. “It was tough, I’ll tell you everything later, I’m having a rest now.”

The teen, a social media influencer in Russia, appeared on prime-time TV and revealed that her 10-year-old boyfriend, Ivan, was the father. But she later revealed that she had been raped by a 16-year-old boy and was forced to say Ivan was the biological father because she was embarrassed to tell the truth. Authorities are now investigating the case and will take a DNA sample from the baby. 

Before Darya gave birth, she wrote: “He does not live with me, he stays overnight sometimes. At 16, he will take over the fatherhood, but it depends on how everything goes on between us.” “I wrote a post about the real father, but I had to delete it due to the fact that now there is a criminal investigation,” she wrote. “I am forbidden to divulge the information of the investigation.” One internet user commented: “Babies having babies- so damn sad.” 

Another wrote: “I honestly don’t know what to say. Come to think of it, a lot of things happening nowadays are leaving me lost for words. I don’t think the world is getting crazier, maybe we just have more reporting.”  A third added: “13. “Influencer”. No just no.”

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