Mom and dad warn other parents over red marks being a ‘sign of a common infection’ which could migrate through the eyes and into the brain

The flu season is on its way and nobody can stop that. Well, sometimes it feels like no family can escape their little ones getting sick. Some parents have experienced flu-like symptoms and strange marks on their child’s face and after discovering the reason want to share their experiences with other parents to help raise awareness. Parents of a little boy noticed a mark on their son’s face which gradually got worse. They thought his little brother has caused it but it started to get worse.

Arden and Ashlee took their son to a physician and their sick son Coop was sent home with a steroid. Unfortunately, the parents later noticed that the mark got worse and took their son to the emergency room where doctors told him their son had a strep infection in his sinuses. Now, the boy’s mom and dad want to warn other parents that contrary to popular belief strep doesn’t just affect the throat. There are 20 different types of strep bacteria which can affect the body in different ways.

The doctors also told the parents that if their son’s infection had gone untreated it could have migrated through the eyes and into his brain. Another mom also took to social media to share her experience with the infection affecting her son during flu season. The mom, who isn’t named on the Simply Real Moms’ Facebook page said when her youngest came down with a fever she thought it was the flu. She rushed him to the emergency room and thankfully he was immediately tested for strep throat and the flu. Both tests came back positive.

The worried mom rushed her son Luke to the hospital after his eyes started to get red and swollen. He was diagnosed with flu and strep but the infection had got so bad he had to have emergency surgery. Her son recovered but will have small scars from his surgery. The mom is relieved her son is back to his normal self. But it took worsening symptoms, several trips to the hospital, and emergency surgery before things started improving. Now she too wants to warn other parents. “Please share the pictures of Luke’s eyes. This may have been prevented if the diagnosis had been done earlier,” she wrote.

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