When man walked in with ‘huge lump’, the doctor had no idea what she’d find inside!

According to Dr. Sandra, her 37-year-old patient, Victor, lived with a growth on his chest for years. At first, the man reportedly thought it was just a pimple and didn’t think much of it. When he popped it on his own, it healed over, and he didn’t think he had to worry about it anymore. But he was wrong. The pimple continued to grow until it looked like a giant bouncy ball inside of his chest. Pretty soon, it was impossible to hide it anymore. It was a part of him for so long, but recently, he decided it was time to get it out of his life.

When Dr. Lee first saw the lump, she thought it was a benign tumor. That would be something that Victor didn’t have to worry about. She’d just head in there, remove it, and everything would be fine.Dr. Lee had to be careful with her incision. It was so close to his heart and his lungs that she wanted to make sure that he’d be safe, but once she sliced into it, she found the truth. She wouldn’t be removing a benign tumor. Instead, she’d be draining a large cyst.

Dark gray or black gunk oozed out of the hole like a snake exiting a hole. One Twitter user said, “I usually can watch Dr. Pimple Popper without a problem, but this totally gagged me! When Dr. Lee squeezed the cyst, it looked like dog poop! I had to fast forward.” And she was not alone. TV audiences and social media users have been freaking out about the black gunk that oozed out of Victor’s chest ever since. I don’t think it’s anything that anyone had ever seen before. All of the dead skin cells lay flat on Dr. Pimple Popper’s chest, and people aren’t reacting too fondly of it.

It may have been some of the nastiest pus or gunk any fan of the show has ever seen, but let’s be real here—isn’t that why they tuned in any way? This stuff is fascinating and gross, and it’s prime material for the hit show. Dr. Lee stitched up Victor’s chest, and he seemed quite happy to see that Larry was finally gone. Let’s just say that it might have been a good idea to get this done a few years ago, so everybody didn’t have to know about your embarrassing not-so-secret lump. But, here we are.

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