Waitress grabbed man with Down syndrome by his shirt, everyone in the restaurant were stunned and stopped to watch!

The then-50-year-old man and his sister were enjoying a late breakfast at their local restaurant. His sister, Regina, reportedly wanted to share a little joy with her brother Dwayne. He has Down syndrome, and they just came from his doctor’s appointment. While enjoying their food at the restaurant, the 50-year-old man noticed something out of the ordinary about the waitress Milie’s uniform, and that’s when things started to get out of hand.

The 50-year-old man reportedly has a thing for nametags. They’re something he can get passionate about it and quickly noticed that Milie had one clipped to her chest. And he was drawn right to it and could not stop staring. Regina, who watched the entire incident unfold, later shared her version of the story on Facebook where it quickly went viral as thousands of people liked and shared it with their followers and friends. “He told the waitress that he liked her nametag and then told her that his name is ‘Captain America.’”

Although Mille could have ignored Dwayne’s outrageous claim, she did not. Instead, she did not just go about her shift and try to brush off how Dwayne had just introduced himself as Captain America. Instead, Milie made up her mind to do something very special for Dwayne that day. After making sure Captain America’s drink was full and he was satisfied with his meal, it was time for Regina and Dwayne to pay their bill and be on their merry way. But Milie did not want Captain America to leave without a little something special. And before they could scoot out the door, Milie rushed over to Dwayne, clutching something special in her hands. It was a nametag.

Milie reached over and grabbed Dwayne by the shirt. Then she undid the pin and stuck it through the fabric and closed the clasp. And Dwayne could not be happier about his new nametag, which delighted him beyond measure. And Regina started to tear up when she saw that it said, “Captain America.” She wrote more about this positive encounter with the waitress on Facebook. lthough some people might laugh this off as a small event, Dwayne’s sister knew how much this small act of kindness meant to him. Dwayne has an active imagination and loves his growing collection of nametags, which even includes one that sports the moniker “John Wayne.”

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