Inmate on death row begged for untested evidence to be tested before execution, ‘the results revealed the truth’!

Imagine being convicted of a crime you did not commit and you’ve exhausted your legal options to prove your innocence. The most important thing when facing accusations is understanding your rights. First, understand that the law presumes you are innocent until you are proven guilty. The best way of proving your innocence is to involve a lawyer in your case. The court will assign a public defender to your case if you do not have or cannot afford one. After getting a lawyer, you can share your truth with them and leave the rest to them. 

The inmate on death row, Marlon, was sentenced to death row for killing Deputy Donald, per reports. But, according to his attorney, the defendant claimed that his former roommate – James – framed him. He took to his website to make his claim: “James had discovered that a County Sheriff’s Deputy named Donald was seemingly having an affair with Tina who was James’ wife. On several different occasions, James has stated to several different individuals that his wife was seeing a cop and that he was going to kill him, and in the early morning hours of September 6th, that is exactly what he did. And then, to throw suspicion off of him, he ran to police pointing his finger at me because I had a pending police brutality lawsuit against the local police department.”

Marlon added that after he found out about James’ drug habits, he asked him to vacate the premise. Kiser also started a petition to get him off the death penalty, which has received over 470 signatures. The petition’s stated goal is 1k signatures. “Marlon is on death row, because of police corruption, and police ineptness,” one person who signed the petition wrote in the comments section. “Marlon knew about James’ criminal activities, and therefore Marlon was a liability to James.” Marlon also petitioned the court for post-conviction relief. During the trial, James testified that Marlon woke him up the morning after the murder and bragged about killing a cop. James also said Marlon showed him an assault rifle, a police weapon and a part of a bulletproof vest.

As part of that petition, his attorneys had authorities test palm and fingerprints on Donald’s flashlight and car. The results revealed the prints were Marlon’s. Previous evidence linking Marlon to the crime reportedly included fibers from Donald’s clothes. But, officials said that Marlon, who was sentenced to death by lethal injection and was waiting a date for his execution, was found dead in his cell. He was pronounced dead at 11:57 p.m. In a short statement, Correction Department officials said that although Marlon’s death appeared to be from natural causes, the exact cause of his death is pending official determination by the medical examiner. No date was set for his execution. His attorneys said in a statement that Marlon’s death occurred while additional court proceedings continued about his innocence.

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