Gov. Beshear announced over $2.3 million in funds and credits to assist with the training of over 13,600 Kentucky workers

Louisville, KENTUCKY – Gov. Beshear  said that the training funds and credits approved during this month’s Bluegrass State Skills Corporation (BSSC) meeting push the state’s support in fiscal year 2022 to over $8.4 million for 115 applicants throughout the state to train more than 35,400 workers, the most since 2016.

Gov. Beshear previously announced the BSSC provided approximately $6.1 million in funds and credits during fiscal year 2021, which helped provide training to nearly 18,300 Kentucky workers.

Gov. Beshear released the following statement:

“In Kentucky, we understand that to create the economy of the future, you must first establish a pipeline for a skilled workforce to meet the needs of key industries.

With today’s announcement, the state has provided assistance for well over 35,000 Kentuckians to get the training they need, nearly doubling the number of individuals who benefited from this program during the previous fiscal year.

We are showing a commitment to our state’s future, and that starts with our incredibly talented and motivated workforce.”

For more information on BSSC or to apply for workforce training assistance, visit

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