Baby pronounced dead at birth starts breathing again ‘after mom refused to let her son go and did this instead’!

The unfortunate mother, Kate, said that she thought she was saying goodbye to her lifeless newborn baby, was astonished to see the farewell turn into a warm welcome as the baby boy stirred to life. All he needed was this from his mother. In the moments before the infant’s premature birth, the mother had to be wheeled into the delivery room for the birth of her premature twins, Jamie and Emily. Kate was only six months into her pregnancy; yet, her twins had to be delivered immediately in what became a very tense birth.

The harrowing moments led to Jamie coming out first and Emily soon following him. Emily came out into this world screaming and wailing like any other normal baby. But when Jamie came out, there was an eerie silence. It was clear to everyone in the room that little Jamie was in trouble. About 20 medical staff members immediately bustled around him. But after 20 minutes of doing everything they can, the doctors gave up as Jamie stopped breathing. After declaring Jamie dead, the staff placed his motionless, limp body on Kate’s chest so she could say her last goodbye to her son.

“I’d carried him inside me for only six months – not long enough – but I wanted to meet him, and to hold him, and for him to know us,” Kate said. “We’d resigned ourselves to the fact that we were going to lose him, and we were just trying to make the most of those last, precious moments.” Devastated and heartbroken, Kate held on to her son and hugged him. She even told her husband, David, to join her and together, they began cuddling and speaking to the little one. “We were trying to entice him to stay. We explained his name and that he had a twin that he had to look out for and how hard we tried to have him,” Kate reportedly told Daily Mail.

About five minutes in his mother’s arms was all that Jamie needed before he slowly began moving. At first, doctors said these were not signs of life but were merely reflexive movements. However, Kate continued cuddling him and even put some breast milk on her finger to see Jamie eagerly consume it. Jamie continued improving in Kate’s arms and soon enough, he was strong enough to join Emily. Kate and David decided to wait till the twins were older to tell them about the incredible moment that took place after their birth. Kate also pictured Jamie asking her, sometime in the future, about which twin came out first. Years after Jamie and Emily’s birth, the twins grew into healthy young children and did not show any signs of complications after their premature birth.

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