3-year-old girl died after she was left alone for a week, without any water and the door locked; ‘police screamed in disbelief when they discovered what she ate’!

As parents we all worry about the right age to leave our children alone and different parents have different ideas but the idea that we would leave our children alone at 3 years old is unimaginable. This 3-year-old girl was left alone for a week, without any water and the door locked and now her mom has been branded ‘evil.’ Maria left her daughter Kristina alone in their apartment while she went on a partying spree, according to reports.

The girl’s body was found by her grandmother after her desperate attempts to find food led her to eat detergent. Her grandmother Irina believed her granddaughter to be okay after Maria had kept in touch with her through social media during the week she was left alone, according to The Sun.

It was only when she went round to celebrate her granddaughter’s third birthday that she found her body in a litter-strewn, cold apartment. The distraught grandmother, who had no idea her granddaughter had been left alone, called an ambulance but it was too late for little Kristina.

Heartbroken Irina said she could have cared for the child if only she knew. “She lied to me that everything was fine. She lied to everyone,” Irina told the court, according to The Sun. She said: “I never thought that Maria could do such a thing. If only I had had spotted something was wrong, I would have taken the girl to me.” Mom Maria has been detained for two months and is under investigation for the “murder of a child using extreme cruelty”, according to the Russian Investigative Committee, as reported by The Metro.

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