The Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District celebrated the achievements of 22 local businesses honored as Air Quality Action Partners for their dedicated efforts in enhancing air quality awareness and improving air quality throughout 2023

Louisville, KY – According to the statement, to earn the distinction of “Air Quality Action Partners,” businesses and organizations voluntarily committed to several initiatives.
These included signing up to receive air quality alerts, implementing systems to disseminate these alerts to their employees, and undertaking at least one additional action to enhance air quality, such as initiating energy efficiency projects, installing idle-free signage, or investing in lower-emission equipment.
Businesses permitted or registered by the APCD had the opportunity to undertake even more impactful commitments, leading to recognition as Silver, Gold, or Platinum Level partners. Following their successful fulfillment of commitments in 2023, five businesses were certified as Platinum Level partners, five as Gold, and 12 as Silver.
Since the inception of the program in 2021, the collective efforts of partners have resulted in significant reductions in emissions. These include the avoidance of approximately 180 tons of nitrogen oxide emissions, 6.3 tons of particle pollution, 6 tons of volatile organic compounds, and other hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and greenhouse gases (GHGs).

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