Mayor Greenberg, alongside Louisville Metro Police Department Chief Gwinn-Villaroel announced the allocation of $100,000 in funding for a groundbreaking technology pilot program aimed at bolstering public safety across the city of Louisville

Louisville, KY – According to the statement, this innovative program will equip each LMPD division office with a long-range drone and provide comprehensive training and technology services.
These resources will be deployed in various scenarios including street racing violations, missing persons cases, traffic collisions, SWAT situations, water rescues, and more, enhancing the department’s capabilities to respond effectively to a wide range of incidents.
The collaborative effort between Louisville Metro Council, LMPD, and the Greenberg Administration made this pilot program possible. Metro Council played a pivotal role by appropriating $48,000 through an ordinance, championed by Councilman Blackwell and Councilwoman Fowler.
Their advocacy for this technology program stems from the pressing issue of dangerous street racing and off-road vehicles in their respective districts, which have tragically resulted in fatalities and property damage.
This initiative underscores the commitment of city leaders to leverage technology and innovative solutions to address public safety challenges, ultimately working towards creating a safer and more secure environment for all residents of Louisville.

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