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Young entrepreneur’s ice cream business helping Louisville organizations during pandemic

Young entrepreneur’s ice cream business helping Louisville organizations during pandemic

An 11-year-old girl has been busy making the most of our time in isolation by helping several organizations hit hard by the pandemic. An Amazon purchase to pass some time has turned into a business.

The pandemic has given kids everywhere an early taste of summer for the last couple of months. “It definitely has been strange,” Calli Halaris said.

“The initial part was all about adjustment and how to figure out how not to lose our minds,” Kate Halaris said.

For 11-year-old Calli and her mom, that came in the form of some Amazon shopping. “We got some riding toys for outside, a giant bubble wand and the other purchase that I made was an ice cream maker,” Kate said.

They held an ice cream non social for neighbors. “Calli saw the response to that and two days later, she and I were in the car and she said, ‘Mom, I have this idea, and I think we need to help charities by selling the ice cream,'” Kate said.

Calli’s Creamery was making close to 50 pints a week at the beginning. “We have bourbon vanilla, chocolate, which is my favorite flavor, strawberry and vanilla, and we are currently working on a Fourth of July flavor, which we are pretty sure is going to be birthday cake because, happy birthday America!” Calli said.

Then, a customer posted the scoop about their business on the Louisville takeout page. “It was friends at first, but then it blew up,” she said.

From one machine to three, the mother-daughter team has delivered more than 750 ice cream pints in a month to nearly every Louisville neighborhood. They don’t keep any of the profit.

“I just love helping people, and when I see someone smile, it makes me smile, and I love to smile,” Calli said.

$2,500 has gone to several nonprofit organizations, including One Louisville COVID-19 Response Fund, Dare to Care and Hope Scarves, through its Hope Isn’t Canceled campaign.

“So many nonprofits are facing really dwindling philanthropic support at this uncertain time. We’re looking for other sources of revenue, and this one just happens to come from a creative little girl with a big heart,” says Lara MacGregor, Creator of Hope Scarves.

They’re making the most out of their free time. “We wanted them [her children] to look back on this and not have it be the worst days but some of the best,” Kate siad.

The North Oldham Middle School student found the right ingredients to growing a business and spending time with family.

“I think Calli saw a big picture that I didn’t even see, and I think that’s the beautiful thing about youth, is that ice cream, it’s not complicated, but it does make people happy,” Kate said.

Calli’s also found a sweet solution greater than herself. “For her to say, ‘I want to spend my time in such a constructive, helpful way’, just shows how bright her light is and how big her heart is, and I’m so proud of her. I know her family is so proud of her,” MacGregor said.

“As long as the world needs help and I can help them, then I’m going to help,” Calli said.

Pints are $5. You can place an ice cream delivery order through Calli’s Creamery Facebook page.

They plan on choosing more organizations to donate to in the future.

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