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Two 3-year-olds killed while playing as reckless driver plows into them

Two 3-year-olds killed while playing as reckless driver plows into them

Reports of two 3-year-old boys dying after being run over emerged late last night. The horrific incident happened in Eagle Mountain, Utah.

Officials were called to Cedar Valley Stables with reports that a car had crashed into them. Upon arriving at the scene, they confirmed what on-lookers had suspected, the crash had taken the lives of two young boys.

The car was being driven by 25-year-old Kent Cody Barlow who had two other passengers accompanying him in the car. Witnesses reported that Barlow had been driving well over 100 MPH. The witnesses said he was weaving in and out of traffic erratically before he ran into a stop sign.

After running into the stop sign, the car went off the road and shattered a vinyl rail fence, after which it smashed through a steel pole fence, then smashed through more sections of the same fence after which it careened into a fence panel corral where the two boys were playing.

After running into the two boys, the car hit a large cement block that was anchored in the ground which caused it to launch into the air and hit the horse stables. Only after that did the car finally come to a stop upside down.

The passengers in the car told officials that Barlow indeed was over the speed limit and had been attempting to “drift” the car.

The two three-year-old boys were fatalities in the tragic accident. The toddlers had been playing in the corral with their toys. The car ran over the boys and they landed over 75 feet from where they were. Reports say the boys died instantly.

The car traveled over 345 feet from where it had left the road. As for the driver, he suffered only minimal injuries which were bruises and abrasions. He was treated for his injuries and then released soon after.

The passengers in the car with Barlow also suffered minor injuries and were released soon after treatment.

Officials suspected Barlow had been impaired when driving and an initial drug screen confirmed their suspicion as Barlow had methamphetamine in his system.

Barlow, who is already on probation with the Utah Department of Adult Probation & Parole is being charged on multiple counts by the Utah County Sheriff’s Office. The most serious of his charges are that he is being charged with two counts of automobile homicide/DUI with criminal negligence.

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