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This Mom Spends $4,000 Transforming Shipping Container Into an Unbelievable Home – The Result Will Leave You Speechless

This Mom Spends $4,000 Transforming Shipping Container Into an Unbelievable Home – The Result Will Leave You Speechless

A single mom who goes by Lulu had a decision to make – she could live in a large house and work more, or she could spend more time with her young daughter. She chose to create an impressive 160 sq ft home for only $4,000 after turning a shipping container into a house. The single mother decided she needed more space and so she also constructed a bedroom for herself and her young daughter on a flatbed trailer from which she can observe the moon rise. Lulu was always interested in simple living and has been in contact with the tiny house movement that has grown popular in Sonoma, one of the most popular spots for building in this style in the United States. Sonoma County is in Northern California. It’s known for the Sonoma Valley vineyard region, and more recently has become home to the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, seeing as there is a growing need for tiny dwellings in this area of California.

Lulu now lives with her daughter in a pleasant hill in the unincorporated area of Sonoma County that reaches the seashore a few miles west. Because of the fires that have incinerated more than 5,000 houses and structures in the area, it subsequently triggered a spike in home prices, peaking at a record $700,000 sale price last year in June. Many people have started searching for housing that is more sustainable, not only financially but also physically.

She admitted the storage container was “a little daunting” because she is claustrophobic. She continued to explain that the trailer is “a nice looking shed – but it’s an eight by 16 cabin with windows in it.” Her daughter is unsure about the home. The girl said that she does not like her loft bed “because I can’t sit up or stand up.” She would like to add another room and a greenhouse — which will give the girl her own space.

The inspirational Lulu decided to go the shipping container route as she prioritizes the time she can spend with her daughter. So without any building experience, Lulu spent just one month cutting windows and a door and installing insulation and a basic kitchen (complete with a propane-powered camp stove and a water heater). At that point Lulu and her daughter moved into the 8 by 20 square foot dwelling, fitting a bed, couch, bookshelf, and kitchen cupboards into the small space.

After realizing what she would need to live in a home she loved, Lulu decided to choose the alternative housing option of a shipping container. The specific container she wanted was used to cart supplies back and forth from China, and she selected Sonoma County in California as the place to plant the home. Building her home has filled Lulu with pride as well as gratitude; not only did she create this herself, but she lives a life she loves. Even though her daughter doesn’t see the benefits of her home, Lulu knows that one day she will understand. “She’s complained at times, but I am also aware that we have spent way more hours together than I would have if I had to pay rent,” Lulu informed Lulu decided to move out of her home as she would rather spend time with her daughter than work, so spending a month and only $4,000 to turn the storage container unit into a home felt worth it.

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