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These are the most popular businesses in Norton Commons

These are the most popular businesses in Norton Commons

What are the most liked businesses in Norton Commons? And who’s visiting them?

We sought to shed some light on these and other questions in our recent Norton Commons Neighborhood Survey. The survey garnered more than 100 responses, a relatively small sample but the data is worth sharing anyway. This of course is not a scientific survey, just a poll of Louisville Business First readers.

So, what did we find out?

Most of the people who responded to our survey (64%) said they don’t live in Norton Commons and even more (91%) said they don’t work there. Nearly two-thirds of our survey respondents said they drive to neighborhood businesses there, which is surprising because it’s such a walkable place. This may indicate the patrons are coming from outside of the neighborhood to visit shops and restaurants there.

Only about 26% said they walk or bicycle to businesses in Norton Commons. That’s still likely higher than in other neighborhoods. In our St. Matthews survey, for instance, only about 8% said they walk or bike to businesses there.

In this survey we asked about favorite restaurants and retail offerings in Norton Commons. Few notes: I did some rounding, so it doesn’t quite add up to 100 percent in either case. Also, in the favorite retailer question, several people answered “farmer’s market,” which isn’t technically a retailer but I’ll allow it. Here’s how it all stacked up:

Top restaurant picks

  • Gustavo’s Mexican Grill: 32%
  • Karem’s Grill & Pub: 19%
  • Tea Station Asian Bistro: 17%
  • Mercato Italian Trattoria & Market:10%
  • 502 Bar & Bistro: 9%
  • Commonwealth Tap: 3%
  • Old School N.Y. Pizza: 3%
  • Verbena Café (which is now closed): 3%
  • Sushi Master: 2%
  • Master Sushi: 1%

Top retail picks

  • Something Blu: 20%
  • Commonwealth Tap: 15%
  • Lulubelles: 12%
  • Farmers Market:10%
  • Set The Stage Interior Design and Home Décor: 10%
  • Commons Corner Apothecary: 5%
  • Sugar Tree Sweet Shop: 5%
  • AR Workshop Prospect: 2%
  • Artisan Signature Homes: 2%
  • Encore: 2%
  • Fix Coffeehouse & Bakery: 2%
  • Gelato Gilberto: 2%
  • Liz and Roo: 2%
  • Northeast Barbers: 2%
  • Spark: 2%
  • T-Town Nails & Spa: 2%
  • Underpinnings Lingerie: 2%

Most people said they visit local businesses in Norton Commons weekly (43%) or monthly (30%). And people were pretty split on how Covid-19 has affected their utilization of businesses in Norton Commons, with 48% saying it had and 51% saying it had not.

As far as what the neighborhood needs: A whopping 54% said they want to see more bars and restaurants there. Almost 27% said they want to see large retail or grocery stores. Meantime, only about 9% said they wanted to see more small local boutiques  something to think about if you’re considering a shop there.

This is only our second Neighborhood Survey (the first being St. Matthews). Look for more of them in the future as they yield some pretty interesting results.

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