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Oprah Finally Answers – This is Probably the Worst Guest I’ve Had on the Show in 25 Years

Oprah Finally Answers – This is Probably the Worst Guest I’ve Had on the Show in 25 Years

During the pandemic, people are talking more than ever. With fewer things to do, podcasts and television shows with an interview format have become soapboxes for celebrities looking to spill the beans. While Hoda and Kathie Lee Gifford were eager to talk about the worst guest they ever hosted on the Today Show, Oprah Winfrey has now come forward to share the worst guest she ever encountered throughout her decades of talk show experience. Oprah filmed 25 seasons and more than 2,500 episodes of The Oprah Winfrey Show. During that time, she welcomed a lot of people onto the program, but one guest stood out from all the rest as being the absolute worst of the bunch.

During an appearance on Harry, the host Harry Connick Jr. pulled some delightful information from Oprah that will surprise many of you. While talking to him, Oprah revealed some of the most disturbing secrets she had previously kept closed away inside of herself.

While Oprah did not name names, she did tell details about some of the most disturbing guests she had on her show throughout the years. The topic came up because Harry Connick Jr. knew how to push Oprah’s buttons and get her to talk about the controversial subject.

“Has anyone been particularly annoying, where you’re just like, ‘Gosh, I can’t wait for this person to leave?’” Connick Jr. asked.

Oprah jumped at the chance to speak.

“Well, you know, the worst kind of guest—you’ve had this, too—is when you ask them a question, and they start talking about 1975, and then you think.”

Although Orpah opened with a PC answer, she soon got into the juicier details.

“The other worst guest, for me, are those who think whatever it is they’re talking about is so spectacular, and you know it’s not,” she said.

Whenever Oprah had a guest like that, she’d employ one of her most famous catchphrases, “Wow!

Oprah admitted that her least favorite guest was a lawyer who got onto her show to promote a book.

“He mentioned the book 29 times. That’s after I started counting,” Winfrey explained. “Every sentence started. ‘In my book, in my book, and if you buy my book.’”

She added, “Finally, around the third segment, I said, ‘We all know the name of the book. The audience, tell him the name of the book…so you don’t have to say the name of the book anymore.’ After that, we started having conversations.”

Throughout the years, Oprah has had some shocking moments with her guests. Among them are when Tom Cruise gushed about his girlfriend at the time, Katie Holmes. Instead of promoting his latest movie, he simply talked about his love and even jumped on the couch in excitement. James Frey, the author who faked his drug-fueled memoir, A Million Little Pieces, was eaten alive when Oprah found out his book was filled with lies.

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