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McGrath absent as McConnell describes ‘utter contempt’ Democrats have for rural America

McGrath absent as McConnell describes ‘utter contempt’ Democrats have for rural America

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was in Louisville Monday for what was has traditionally been a back and forth between senatorial candidates, but Monday he was on stage alone. Democratic candidate Amy McGrath declined her invitation to take part in the Kentucky Farm Bureau Senate Candidate Forum.

“I think the fact that my opponent is not here indicates the utter contempt that democrats have for rural America these days,” McConnell said.

McConnell followed that up by pointing out that, of the four congressional leaders, he’s the only one not from California or New York.

Speaking at Monday’s forum for the seventh time as a candidate, McConnell said it’s the first time his opponent has declined to appear.

McConnell discussed issues like agriculture and trade deals that have benefited Kentucky. At one point he was asked under which presidential candidate Kentucky would benefit most with trade deals, and McConnell said that was yet to be seen.

He said he has worked with Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden to approve trade deals in the past, but he added that the national Democratic party has shifted too far even for Biden.

“Moderates are gone,” said McConnell. “I know Joe Biden, we did some deals during the Obama years. I like him personally. He’s not going to resist the whole thrust of the national democratic party.”

McConnell added that Washington is more divided than he’s seen it in a long time and the way to fix it is not with a rookie senator without the necessary knowledge on how to get legislation passed.

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