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Louisville’s restaurants welcomed customers back to their dining rooms

Louisville’s restaurants welcomed customers back to their dining rooms

Louisville, KY – Finally, some good news. It’s been 3 long weeks of takeout and indoor dining. And now, the Kentucky’s dining rooms are finally reopened to customers. But, some people think that this decision is too late. Jared Matthews, the owner of Lou Lou Food and Drink said that after three long weeks, the damage is already done. 

He said that this is their best month of the year and we all know that 2020 it’s been pretty rough. All restaurants are missing out on holiday parties, family gatherings and weekend lunch rushes fueled by holiday shoppers. Jared estimated sales at the popular St. Matthews cafe were down 60%, compared to this time last year.

Stacy Roof, the president of the Kentucky Restaurant Association said:

“Restaurants had received just eight weeks of relief, so far, in a nine-month period. I still think the first quarter of next year will be kind of brutal, we’ll lose some more restaurants, see some more closures, which is heartbreaking,” she said, adding, “We need to call upon Congress to do what they said they would do. They said after the election they would return and pass restaurant relief and that needs to happen.”

While Kentucky’s bars and restaurants are able to reopen at 50% capacity, service must stop at 11 each night and establishments must close by midnight. Thank you for your time.

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