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Locally owned businesses happy with Black Friday weekend

Locally owned businesses happy with Black Friday weekend

Blush Boutique in St. Matthews said while sales were up over the weekend, they did not quite stack up to the numbers the store saw last year.

“So last year, Black Friday weekend, we were at $14,000, almost $15,000,” Assistant Manager Caroline Nuss said. “Right now, we’re at $8,200.”

Nuss said despite expanding Black Friday deals throughout the entire weekend, that was the total brought in.

“We’re hurting a little bit,” she said.

Down the road, Darling State of Mind said the weekend’s sales were down about 25% compared to last year.

“Obviously in a normal year we would have expected to do a lot more, but considering the circumstances, and with COVID numbers being so high right now, it was actually a pretty good turnout,” Darling State of Mind’s owner, Jen Neutz, said.

Neutz said this year she has grown even more thankful for her loyal customers, like Shilo Smaldone, who choose to only shop local during the doorbuster weekend.

“These are the people that are really making up Louisville. They’re the ones making the difference,” Smaldone said. “I had my own business for awhile a few years ago, and it just, you know, is exciting and when you shop local. You really see how that impacts the people near you.”

Ryan King, who owns Quest Outdoors, got emotional when talking about his customers.

“Puts a tear in your eye, like yesterday in particular when you see everyone come out,” King said.

King said Black Friday sales were down considerably, but way up for Small Business Saturday.

“I just want to thank everyone because it’s been heartwarming,” he said.

Small businesses are also asking shoppers to keep them in mind on Cyber Monday.

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