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Lion starts crying and gives huge hug to woman who saved him

Lion starts crying and gives huge hug to woman who saved him

We all love zoos. Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida is my favorite. Whether you love them or you hate them, zoos have been a family-friendly attraction in America for nearly 150 years. This lion was brought to a zoo where the staff takes care of him and tends to his needs. A good amount of time passed and the lion was visited at the zoo by a familiar face, the woman who rescued him years ago. When she finally sees him again at the zoo, she was welcomed with an unexpected surprise!

The lion seemed to have actually recognized the woman and jumps up to greet her. In touching scenes, the lion opens his paws out and give the woman a really big hug – the lion is captured closing its eyes to enjoy the moment.

The woman almost in tears fully embraces them as they lick her face and play with her hair.

Although there is a cage between them, the lion does his best to actually hug the woman who saved him! The sweet moment is recorded on video and the woman seems just as surprised as she talks back to this amazing creature! Do you think this lion really recognized his savior from years ago?

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