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Indiana Farmers Getting More out of CFAP 2

Indiana Farmers Getting More out of CFAP 2

December 11 is the deadline to sign up for the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) 2. Indiana Farm Service Agency Executive Director Steve Brown says that here in Indiana, CFAP 2 has already paid out more than the first CFAP.

“In CFAP 1 we disbursed $250.8 million and CFAP 2, as of (Tuesday), we’re at $338.5 million. So, we have issued more dollars in CFAP 2.”

Brown says the increase is for a couple of reasons. They have had more producers sign up for CFAP 2 than they had in the original CFAP, but also changes to the CFAP program really benefitted Indiana farmers.

“CFAP 2 was based on planted acres and a set rate where CFAP 1 was based on bushels sold. I really think our producers probably did a really good job of marketing and we didn’t have a lot of grain on hand after January 1 for CFAP 1.”

Brown says they’re keeping very busy in their county FSA offices with the CFAP 2 deadline approaching. Dec. 11 is also the deadline for dairy producers to sign up for the Dairy Margin Coverage Program.

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