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For a third day, protesters descend on downtown Louisville

For a third day, protesters descend on downtown Louisville

The third night of protests is underway in Louisville, as demonstrators continue to seek justice for Breonna Taylor.

Taylor’s family has called for peace, but after Friday night’s protests turned violent, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer put a curfew in place.

Governor Andy Beshear also activated the Kentucky National Guard in an effort to maintain order in the city.

Protesters gathered in the downtown area around 9 p.m., hours after Mayor Fischer’s curfew had gone into effect.

Video from the scene shows police pushing in and dispersing the crowds on 6th Street and Congress in downtown. Sister station WAVE reports that tear gas was deployed during the demonstrations.

Protests started peacefully, however, with people chanting “No Justice, No Peace,” as they walked the streets.

WAVE reports, however, that things started to get heated around 8 p.m., with protesters spray-painting walls and police officers wearing protective riot gear.

At one point, the sounds of an explosion could be heard. People at the scene say officers were deploying more tear gas, but that information is unconfirmed.

350 National Guardsmen are in downtown Louisville tonight to help maintain peace.

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