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COVID-19 surge causes Louisville hospitals to pause elective surgeries

COVID-19 surge causes Louisville hospitals to pause elective surgeries

The latest surge in coronavirus cases is putting an extra strain on Kentucky’s health care system.

In Gov. Beshear Monday’s COVID-19 press conference, he outlined how the state’s increasing case count could prevent hospitals from giving patients the proper care.

“What happens if we doubled in two weeks on a system that is already facing these problems? The answer is not only more people die, but more people die than they have to,” Beshear warned.

According to Beshear, the Louisville hospital system had to pause elective surgeries due to the number of patients hospitalized with the virus. As of Monday, Kentucky had 1,573 COVID-19 patients in the hospital with 391 people in intensive care.

In late March, hospitals canceled elective surgeries in an effort to preserve the commonwealth’s supply of personal protective equipment.

Last week, the state experienced over 20,000 cases in one week, a number Beshear says may worsen after the Thanksgiving break. He’s now calling on Kentuckians to stay in during the break to alleviate hospitals.

“Think about their sacrifice, every day going into a unit where they could contract this virus that they see people die from,” said Beshear. “What about our sacrifice? Over these coming months until we get to a vaccine, are we willing to step up for them and for each other, to make sure we can all get through this?”

Monday’s case report was the highest for the day with 2,135 additional cases.

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