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Are you using masks and gloves appropriately?

Are you using masks and gloves appropriately?

When you’re out and about, you don’t want to put your hands on anything, so you can wear gloves.

If you’re asymptomatic, you should be wearing a mask. However, a local health professional told WAVE 3 News the basics will always be the best form of defense.

“As soon as you get home, wash up as soon as you can,” dermatologist Dr. Al Knable said.

Knable said the tried-and-true method of washing your hands is the best way to keep yourself germ-free. While private clinics, urgent-care facilities and hospitals are using masks and gloves, people at home need to remember to change everything out quick and often.

“At home you need to realize that when we use them in the medical field, we’re using the one time usually and then getting a new set,” Knable said. The best advice, if you must go out shopping: Wipe down surfaces you’ll be touching, like grocery carts; try not to touch all the products in the stores and limit what you touch when you have your gloves on.

If you’re wearing a mask, that’s your best bet against spreading germs.

“It appears there is some utility in that individual (wearing a mask) keeping other individuals safe,” Knable said. “It’s actually a somewhat altruistic thing to do.”

Through all of this, people want to help one another, like Joanna Smith, who has been making homemade masks. She’s been searching for days, from home, calling different stores for materials to make more of her masks.

“I think people need to do the best they can to help themselves and help people,” Smith said. “I’m spreading the word, if someone wants a mask, they’re going to get these masks. I’m on it!”

Added Knable: “I think it’s just doing the right thing in the moment, and we’ll get through this together.”

Health professionals suggest calling ahead before donating supplies, to confirm the supplies and materials are able to be used by medical staff.

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