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150 trees being planted in downtown Louisville

150 trees being planted in downtown Louisville

More than 100 trees are being planted in downtown Louisville.

TreesLouisville and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet began planting 150 trees on two slopes adjacent to Interstate 65, along Liberty and Floyd Streets and Brook Street and Muhammad Ali Boulevard, on Tuesday.

The trees being planted consist of Star Power and Canaertii Junipers, Sweetgums, Ginkgos, Exclamation London Planetrees, Urban Sunset and Trident Maples, Kentucky Coffee trees, Catalpas, Wichita Osage Orange and Frontier Elms.

Once the trees are planted they will provide a green biofilter between the interstate and surface roads, as well as between sidewalks and bike paths, according to TreesLouisville.

The planting will continue until Dec. 2.

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